Over 6years of experience in events industry have hosted variety of events mainly corporate events and Expeditions

Past Events

The Escape Plan

We know how difficult was this entire year, Locking ourselves at homes? We never dreamt of it, Did we?

That is why we have planned the best get away for all of you.

Safety being our utmost priority and Of course your Adventure and Enjoyment.

We present you “THE ESCAPE PLAN”


The First Multi-Disciplinary Car event in India

The Plan

  • Just pick up your SUV and Join the Gang
  • 100 Cars in a Convoy Drive through scenic western Ghats of Chikamagalur
  • Off Roading: Have ever put your driving skills and you SUV to test?
  • We will make it easy for you, Under the supervision of the best moto-sport team in India, Drive like you have always wanted in our private set
  • Off-Roading Track..
  • New Year Party: What’s new year night without fun, music, dance…
  • The most thematic setup to enjoy and welcome 2021.
  • Stay Like a Star: We admire people who take challenges and envy them we Call them our Star and treat you like one.
  • Our Package include a 4star Resort Stay In Chikamagalur
  • Start 2021 with More adventure: River Rafting-How exciting is that to begin with, we have a lot more than that too.
  • Safety: As always Our Top most priority and have added a lot more to it