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Past Events

Brand-Tech Event At 91 springboard, Indiranagar

We are in the world filled with a lot of MNC’s and startups with potential to reach MNC’s surrounding us and among them, the startups are trying really hard to obtain brand status and in this competitive environment it’s really hard and few are thinking having a logo and quote makes it into a brand but that’s not how it works there is a lot to it.

  • Want to know what does brand really mean?
  • Want to know what are techniques and uniques things can be done by integrating a brand with technology?
  • Want to know how branding in many top brands does? If your answer is yes, then you should wait till May 31st and join us in this free Brand-Tech event.


Let me give you a small taste of Brand-Tech with an example.

Most of you have known Pepsi, as apart of promoting their brand in 2014 by taking football world cup as their occasion they created interactive drink bottles where customers can play football with top players using AR.

Now, guess the results!!

60,000 hours of engagement in a month, the company had a conversation rate of $2 per cent and by seeing this, Blippar CEO Mr. Ambarish Mishra said “you would sometimes have to spend $20-$25 million on TV advertisement to get this much impact” so you see how brand when integrated with technology works, it just creates wonders.

Ahh….. I guess my time is up but don’t worry just get a free ticket and join us on May 31st in 91 springboard, Indiranagar we can discuss more about branding activities.

Who can’t attend the event? If you are some sort of extinct monster or a yeti or a giant or an early man then no need to attend but all human beings are allowed.

What are the topics the seminar is about?

  1. What is Brand-Technology and different methods of doing it?
  2. How personal branding can be done and how one of our speakers earned 1.4 Cr using Linkedin within just 4 months?
  3. The present scenario of Brand-tech and its predictions in the future?
  4. How brand positioning can be done? 5.Account-based Marketing 6.Panel discussion about Brand-Tech using social media?

Venue address: 91 springboard, Indiranagar George Thangaiah Complex 21, 80 feet road Near Sir CV Raman Hospital, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038