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Green Itch - An Event on Indoor Plants

Green Itch will help you find inspiration in decorating your home with traditional house plants, succulents, or modern plant types. The event will leave you feeling confident on styling and maintaining your home with indoor plants.

Highlights of the Green Itch Event by MiradorLife: • Health benefits of indoor plants • Tips and advice on feeding, watering, light, and general care requirements of different • houseplants • Potting and choosing pots • General advice

About MiradorLife MiradorLife helps you on your home interior design journey by offering the dream furniture, ceramics, wall art, indoor plants, and more, that reflect your style and passion for life. The company was initiated with a simple thought to provide home interiors created from nature. Since then,MiradorLife has been offering exclusivity in home interior elements.

Please Note: • No previous experience in indoor gardening is required • Prior Registration is necessary

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