Coronavirus: Lockdown In India for 21 Days:PM Modi

21 Days Lockdown In India : Corona Virus - COVID-19
21 Days Lockdown In India: Image Source:

India’s prime minister Narendra Modi has declared a nationwide lockdown for next 21 days starting from Tuesday midnight to slow down the COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection cycle. He has also mentioned that “Social distancing is the only way to break the cycle of infection”.

Modi also said people need not panic about essential commodities, medical availability as it will function as usual. During this period the state government and centre will work together. He has requested each and individual to fight against coronavirus. 

PM said this is to save India, save each and every citizen of our country. Do not step out from your house until and unless an emergency.  One step outside of your house can bring coronavirus inside your house. 

Prime Minister also mentioned: 

  • Also called people “not to spread any rumours” and advised them to follow rules.
  • This is a tough decision they had to take and social distancing is necessary now to stop spreading the virus.
  • Government of India is releasing funds of 15000 crores for medical and medical kits.

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An earlier during one day Janata curfew :

Modi has asked citizens to clap from their balconies and cheer to emergency services on Sunday. But people have misunderstood it and we have seen people gathered on the road and dancing and clapping. Many have criticized such irresponsible acts by people.

Janata Curfew in India
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Current Situation: Coronavirus Spread:

The number of COVID-19 cases all over the world is gradually increasing. There are approximately 3 lakh 75 thousands+ cases all over the world and ~17000 deaths. So far there have been 612 confirmed cases in India and 10 reported deaths. Study says there are 4 stages of infections and we are in stage 2. So this is the right time to take any action against it.

PM also warned that “If we can’t act and handle this 21 days now, then the country will go backwards by 21 years.”. He said not to panic.

Narendra Modi addressed Citizen of India on Corona Outbreak
Image Source: Twitter

Coronavirus Impact in Bangalore, Karnataka:

Karnataka has reported 40+ confirmed cases as of today and 1 death. Earlier Karnataka govt. have ordered to lockdown 9 districts in Karnataka including Bangalore. Govt. of Karnataka asked to stop social gatherings, cancel all events, nightlife, pubs, close schools etc. in Bangalore. Though many Djs, Artists, Event Organizers, Nightclubs, Daily Workers are getting affected by this but this is a crucial time when all of us act together to safeguard our family and friends. The entire entertainment industry has appreciated this decision and many artists have been posting in their social network and asking people to stay safe at home.

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India COVID-19 Statistics:

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) India Statistics
Image Source: covid19india

Closed during this lockdown and consequences

All non-essential business will remain closed. Schools, colleges, universities and almost all public gatherings are banned. Lockdown in all states, domestic and international travel is banned. He advised citizens not to travel anywhere and to stay at the place where they are currently residing in. Railway also suspended passenger service.

Anyone who is not following those rules will face up to two years in prison and heavy fines.

Do and Don’t during this lockdown period


  1. Wear a mask before stepping out from home.
  2. Maintain social distance. Maintain at least 1 meter distance between people. 
  3. Do not gather more than 3 people outside your house. Do not step outside if not urgent. 
  4. Keep sanitizer with you. Wash your hands often. 
  5. Study says coronavirus can live for 12 hours on the surface. So you should maintain hygiene. 
  6. Do a self-test at home. Breath in and hold it for 10 sec, if you are not facing any coughing or chest congestion during that you should be fine. In case of any symptoms please visit the nearest hospital. 
  7. If you find any violation please request them to follow above. 


  1. Do not touch your nose, face.
  2. Do not go closer to people who are suffering from cough, fever etc. Take extra precautions. 
  3. Don’t roam outside without masks. 
  4. Avoid crowds, cabs, Ola, Uber, Auto rickshaw or any public transport.

What about the rest of the world?

Now more than 195 countries worldwide are affected by a coronavirus.

Total Number of Cases: 375,498+ 

                           Deaths: 16362

                      Countries:  195

Novel Coronavirus Worldwide Statistics

Listing few of countries with their statistics as below:

Worldwide -Coronavirus status
Image Source: WHO
  • China – 81767 cases
  • Italy –  63927 cases
  • USA –  42164 cases
  • Spain – 33089 cases
  • Germany – 29212 cases
  • Iran – 24811 cases
  • France – 19615 cases
  • Republic of Korea – 9037 cases
  • Switzerland – 8015 cases
  • The United Kingdom – 6654 cases
  • Netherlands – 4749 cases

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Numbers are scary, isn’t it? 

If each and every individual still not acts responsible, our nation gonna hurt badly by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This is the right time that we should act and lockdown ourselves at home, take care of each other, family and friends. Be a responsible citizen, share this article with friends and help them to understand the real situation and act on it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the statistics and do and don’ts. Numbers are really scary !! 🙁

    Stay at home! Save your friends & family from this deadly corona virus. 🙁

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