5 Tips For Event Marketing- Part2

5 Proven Event Marketing Tips

In this article, I will tell you 5 effective event marketing tips to make your next event successful.

In the past article, we’ve talked about Top 5 ways to boost your ticket sales“. It is very important to have an effective event marketing checklist. You should always keep in mind that your event page is a one-stop site to attract an audience. The event page should explain what you are offering to your audience, why people should attend your event.

If you have read part 1 of this article, you know how to attract your audience. This article is a continuation of our last article. In this article, we will tell you the remaining 5 tips to boost your event marketing.

Below are a list of tips we are going to discuss:

  1. Re-targeting Audience
  2. Create lower price tickets
  3. Analyse Past Event Data to Double Up Sales 
  4. Involve Partners / Sponsors
  5. Referral marketing

Re-targeting Audience


Re-targeting is the best way to drive sales. What is re-targeting?

Basically it is about sending a message or a notification to people who have attended your event or shown interests. Send them a text message, email to boost up the event ticket sales.

Eventsflare platform re-target their past audience with new audiences. So when you purchase a promotional package, our digital marketing team targets the best possible event audience to boost ticket booking, sends promotional messages and email newsletter.

Event Leads:

Login in to your organizer account and find your past event leads on your Event page, re-target them for your upcoming events. You may send the invitation with the event link. Throw an offer (e.g. “Get 10% Off Today! Valid only for the first 100 customers”). It will help you to generate more ticket booking.

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Set Your Ticket Price Right

Set the ticket price right

Setting a realistic price for your event is very important. You have to be very careful about deciding the ticket price. Nobody wants to buy costly tickets. Similarly, if you set the price too low, you may not be able to cover your costs. 

Sit back and spend little time on deciding the least price at which you will not be losing any money. You may use our calculation to decide minimum price:

Minimum Ticket Price = Total Event Cost / Expected Participants

The actual price depends on how much profit you want to make. Ask yourself a few questions to decide the actual price of the ticket: 

Are you a reputed established organizer or a newcomer?

Does your event have unique wow factors to attract people? 

Is there a celebrity artist performing in your event or you are conducting the event at the best venue in town?

  • Answering the above questions will help you to decide how high you can set the price. 

Once you login into the organizer account, you will find all show booking under the bookings menu.

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Analyse Past Event Data

Analyse Past Event Data

Analysing past Event data is another key factor in making an event successful. Eventsflare Dashboards helps you to track data in two ways – Organizer level data and Event Level Data.

By analysing past event data will help you to decide which channel to focus more on your upcoming events.

Go to your past events, check their analytics dashboards and Affiliate Tracking menu to see how much revenue each channel has made. 

Involve Partners / Sponsors

Find Event Partners or Event Sponsors

Find some sponsors who will not just cover some expanse but also will promote the event. It will help to increase ticket sales. After all, if the event is successful their brand also will get better exposure. 

Additionally, try to partner up with relevant vendors or brands. For example: If you are organising a Concert or a Music Festival you are putting up a lot of thirsty and hungry potential customers. Try to partner up with nearby bars, food stalls or liquor brands who can offer some special discounts for your guests and help you to spread the word. 

It is a win-win circumstance for both of you.

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Referral marketing 

Referral marketing

Each attendee post about your event to their social networks drives better revenue. You can offer incentives. Anyone who refers to their friends and generates sales will receive a discount or a Free Drink coupon. Now you may have a question in your mind that “How to create a referral link?

Login in to your organizer account, go to the event, on your left sidebar you will find the Affiliate Tracking menu.

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Affiliate Tracking

You can make use of our Affiliate Tracking Software available in the Event Page to track referral sales, views etc. 

For example:

Nucleya Presents Bass Rani at Bangalore

For this event, I will create 4 different referral links through Affiliate Tracking. 

  • 1 link for Facebook promotions
  • Another link for Instagram promotions 
  • Create a link for Google or twitter marketing, and 
  • The last one is a referral link for any influencer or promoter. 

You can easily find out which link is driving you more traffic and sales for your last few events. Based on that you can invest a little more money on the same referral channel.

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Wrapping Up

Not every trick works for every event but these are proven techniques to boost your event. Bonus! Our website is a SEO optimised, meaning that every event you list in our portal will have SEO visibility on Google. You can make use of it but driving sales completely depends on the event organizer‘s marketing skills. Studies show that people those who list and starts event promotion 2-3 weeks before the event day, get better results.

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Follow all tips to boost your next event and get more ticket sales.

Let me know your thoughts, questions or suggestions in the comment box below. Feel free to share as it will be useful for event marketer like you. 🙂

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